Cincinnati Reds Draft History

All tables below are based on the amount of WAR each player produced during their first seven seasons in Major League Baseball. The WAR totals for each draft class include both Pitching and Hitting WAR, but excludes any player that did not sign with their drafting team. The total WAR also reflects the total value the drafted player provided, not just the value to his drafting team.

*Data accurate through 2019 season.

Top Five Draft Classes

1965Cincinnati Reds56.9
1980Cincinnati Reds50.4
1998Cincinnati Reds49.2
1983Cincinnati Reds38.3
1969Cincinnati Reds37.1

Bottom Five Draft Classes

1996Cincinnati Reds-0.1
2001Cincinnati Reds0.0
1972Cincinnati Reds0.0
1973Cincinnati Reds0.0
2000Cincinnati Reds0.6
This list excludes any season past 2010, since those draft classes have a multitude of active players.

Top Five Draft Picks

Year DraftedRoundOverall PickNameWAR
1965236Johnny Bench35.6
2002244Joey Votto32.3
198514Barry Larkin28.3
2010112Yasmani Grandal27.4
19808200Eric Davis24.5
List made from top five WAR values alone.

Five Biggest Busts

Year DraftedRoundOverall PickNameWAR
198312Kurt Stillwell2.3
200213Chris GrulerNo MLB Experience
199215Chad Mottola-0.7
198415Pat Pacillo-0.1
197217Larry PayneNo MLB Experience
List made from first round picks that produced less than 5.0 WAR in their first seven seasons and ordered by lowest overall pick.

Top Five Value Picks

Year DraftedRoundOverall PickNameWAR
196929682Ken Griffey17.5
198911290Trevor Hoffman12.6
197621503Eddie Milner11.1
197815381Gary Redus10.7
199817500B.J. Ryan8.2
List made from top five WAR values where a player was drafted outside of the first ten rounds.

Top Five Unsigned Draft Picks

Year DraftedRoundOverall PickNameWAR
1982251Barry Larkin28.3
200223675Nick Markakis20.2
2001351056Nick Markakis20.2
200431918Jake Arrieta19.7
19827181Bobby Witt14.7
List made from top five WAR values where a player did not sign with the team.

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