Looking for a Breakout Performance

Every franchise is looking for that player who seems to come out of nowhere to be a major contributor in their lineup. Players like Jose Bautista who went from 1.8 WAR in 2009 to 6.5 WAR in 2010 or Justin Turner who went from 0.5 WAR in 2013 to 3.4 WAR in 2014. The costContinue reading “Looking for a Breakout Performance”

An Examination of Rebuilding Team Timelines

Rebuilding has become the popular way for MLB franchises to build a perennial World Series contender. With the league’s structure of compensating the worst teams with the best draft picks, it seems like a viable strategy to maximize your losses in order to obtain the services of the best amateur talent available. The Astros andContinue reading “An Examination of Rebuilding Team Timelines”