Washington Nationals Draft History

All tables below are based on the amount of WAR each player produced during their first seven seasons in Major League Baseball. The WAR totals for each draft class include both Pitching and Hitting WAR, but excludes any player that did not sign with their drafting team. The total WAR also reflects the total value the drafted player provided, not just the value to his drafting team.

*Data accurate through 2019 season.

Top Five Draft Classes

2000Montreal Expos67.7
1977Montreal Expos60.2
2005Washington Nationals46.3
2010Washington Nationals46.1
1972Montreal Expos44.5

Bottom Five Draft Classes

2001Montreal Expos-1.2
1974Montreal Expos-0.4
1968Montreal Expos0.0
1981Montreal Expos0.1
1971Montreal Expos1.7
This list excludes any season past 2010, since those draft classes have a multitude of active players.

Top Five Draft Picks

Year DraftedRoundOverall PickNameWAR
201116Anthony Rendon32.7
197511250Andre Dawson30.7
201011Bryce Harper30.5
2000375Grady Sizemore30.2
19945140Javier Vazquez28.2
List made from top five WAR values alone.

Five Biggest Busts

Year DraftedRoundOverall PickNameWAR
199213B.J. WallaceNo MLB Experience
197013Barry Foote4.5
200215Clint EvertsNo MLB Experience
197215Bobby GoodmanNo MLB Experience
200015Justin Wayne-0.8
List made from first round picks that produced less than 5.0 WAR in their first seven seasons and ordered by lowest overall pick.

Top Five Value Picks

Year DraftedRoundOverall PickNameWAR
197511250Andre Dawson30.7
200022645Jason Bay20.5
201012356Robbie Ray12.1
199111295Mark Grudzielanek9.2
199118477Kirk Rueter9.2
List made from top five WAR values where a player was drafted outside of the first ten rounds.

Top Five Unsigned Draft Picks

Year DraftedRoundOverall PickNameWAR
2000351035Russell Martin31.0
19818199Mark McGwire26.2
19837172Erik Hanson24.5
1989110Charles Johnson19.9
197035779Roy Smalley19.3
List made from top five WAR values where a player did not sign with the team.

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